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Fifteen Lakh patients treated till date

Welcome Note

A website that highlights the path of homoeopathy and honors the efforts of a path-breaking homoeopath
Dr. B. T. Rudresh.

"The ability to redefine life and invoke the ethereal breath of creation is what places humans on a notch above the rest of nature’s creation”.

"Doctors are not peddlers of Medicine, they are Friend - Philosopher - Guide, to the community".

- Dr. B. T. Rudresh
News And Events
  • Dr. B. T. Rudresh took over as PRESIDENT, Karnataka Homeopathic Board (A statutory body of Govt. of Karnataka) on 16-1-2013.
  • Dr. B. T. Rudresh has been nominated as member of Senate, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka.
  • Dr. B. T. Rudresh is Executive Member. Central Council of Homeopathy. AYUSH, HFW - Govt. of India, New Delhi.

Dr. Rudresh, a classical homeopathic practitioner of Karnataka whose name is now synonymous with homeopathy, has won the unique and unmatched distinction of solving 2000 infertile couples is a national record. His expertise in homeopathy since 1981 has benefited more than 15 lakhs patients who have come to him has a first and last resort.

Dr. Rudresh opines “In a country like ours where 1/3rd of the population invest all their energies to struggle for one meal a day, and 1/3rd is still struggling below the poverty line hoping to derive enough sustenance to last another day, it is imperative that homeopathy to be adopted for the common man of this country”.

He is now recognised to be a fontal torch bearer in all aspects of homeopathy, yet it is now known to the world at large that he has excelled himself in all spheres of societal interaction and much sought-after person who has become a personality endearing himself to causes beyond homeopathy, for he now essays the role of a practitioner, a lecturer, an author, a documentary maker, publisher, public orator, counselor, social scientist, a columnist and above all, a crusader in the cause of homeopathy since the past 3 decades. He has gone beyond and has sacrificed his very being to the upliftment of the society.

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