Articles by Dr. B. T. Rudresh

The evolving of a Physician - Understanding world of Adolescence

Case studies and sharing’s to understand Homeopathic management of sexual abuse, masturbation and Various situations a family physician encounters

Case of sexual abuse in adolescence

  • Patient age 24 YEARS
  • CAME WITH HUSBAND saying she has headache and husband said this is not so much a problem as much as the bigger problem we are facing
  • He shared there has been no sexual intimacy since the day we are married

Patient has come after three months of marriage Husband shared she refuses to have sexual relation with husband Moment he tries to get close to her she gets into a fetal position

She was reluctant to share in front of husband She then opened after husband left the room She was a daughter a hotelier staying in joint family She had many cousins of same age group and all of them would sleep in the same place like a dormitory One cousin started sleeping next to her and abusing her sexually daily basis for a three to four months

What she experienced After an initial shock and disbelief .Patient went into a persistent fear state .Helplessness .Sleeplessness Anxious when night approaches

The expression of trauma unfolds.Patient was in shock Patient was unable to share with anybody due to shame and guilt Blamed self After some courage shared with her older sister who told her to change her location and resist the cousin While this helped stop the abuse what it did not stop was the shock hurt anger that she help till date

Understanding stages of survival of rape victim and Homeopathic correlation

Acute stage ( may last for few weeks or months depending on patients disposition ability to seek help and support)May appear hysterical Strong sense of shock and disbelief .Difficulty in concentration .Poor recall of incident

Stage of outward adjustment

Poor physical heath .Continuing anxiety ,Sense of helplessness Persistent fear .Insomnia .Panic attacks .What is important to note our patient has come in this stage and what is characteristics

  • Patient is still living in the past shock
  • She is numb
  • She assumes fetal position when approached
  • Persistent state of anxiety

Correspondence THE MIRACLE OF SIMILIMUM .opium 1m was given one dose

Stage of reorganization

May return to the turmoil on and off Or when provoked Have dreams Phobia Recalls event on and off .Can start weeping and experience sleep disturbance

After the intial phase was cured with opium PATIENT WAS ABLE TO BUILD A RELATION WITH HUSBAND .However she was not cured Patient mental state was again reviewed

Patient was in shock how her cousin could do this.She was grieving as though the entire episode was very profound .There was severe disappointment and blame on self .Patient wept recalling the event Husband shared she is difficult as she can get angry very fast and quickly cool down

Understanding remedy IGNATIA

Ignatia is a very good remedy for shock and Long standing grief The Ignatia is prepared from the bitter and poisonous seed of a pear shaped fruit native to Philippines The principal source is strychinine In addition to the irritability changeability this remedy can be hysterical blaming self weeping sighing in its responses with nervous weakness and very good for individuals trying to sublimate a profound sorrow and Ignatia was given one m infrequently

Role of counseling

  • Allowing the patient to ventilate is the first step
  • Allowing them to experience grief
  • Then use their cognitive reasoning to overcome blame
  • Allowing them to rebuild trust with themselves and the world healing by no longer making this event the focus of their life

Stage of renormilisation

  • Patient is able to get over the rape as a focus
  • There is no longer guilt /shame
  • She does not blame self for the attack Patient is able to function in family build relationship and in society
  • Patient is able to function harmoniously in her role as a wife

Aphorism 5 Useful in assisting a physician to cure ,in these investigations is to ascertain the physical constitution of the patient //especially when disease is chronic ) ,his moral and intellectual character ,mode of living and habits , his social and domestic relations ,his age etc are to be taken into consideration

Over the years HAHNEMANN kept seeking higher levels of existences Unprejudiced observation is a state of meditation that happens with a physician who with years evolves to sharpen his rough edges and is now able to reflect in his life and living and modify that of his patients with remedy and other measures that help healing

Kent's observation on ,the most innocent in mind simpler in class are the people who give undiluted symptoms Stuart close says the entire phenomena of case receiving is from subjective experience of patient and being stated to the examiner ,he further states that physicians only need is to listen and allow patient to share in his language and match the portrait of pt to that of remedy –and in this he states a very important observation -store the material medica pictures within you and it flow out as your language flows

The story of our lives is often told by the people whose lives we touch care and transform , our science and art of healing allows us to reach this planes existences