Articles by Dr. B. T. Rudresh

The Anthrax Scare - A Homeopathic Approach

Reports of anthrax infected individuals and cases of livestock dying due to this epidemic in Karnataka have mushroomed all across, causing worry and tension.

Anthrax infection has been observed since ages and the recent scare in America too need not worry the medical field in specific and the people in general as it has a definite prescribed remedy under Homoeopathy.

Though India has been named as a target for possible attacks by the US, yet the lone incident of an individual in Hassan falling prey to symptoms caused by anthrax bacteria is insufficient to suspect biological warfare in India.

The literal meaning of Homoeopathy is similar disease (suffering) which is based on the natures natural principles of similia simibus curenter which means ‘That which can cause can cure.’

Hence a medicine, which is an extract of the anthrax poison and prepared from the spleens of affected sheep called “ANTHRACINUM” is to be used. This was introduced into Homeopathic practice by Dr. Lux, a veterinarian, long before the experiments of Prof. Louis Pasture. Based on the systems principles the same medicine can be used for its preventive and curative values if an epidemic breaks out.

There is nothing new in Anthrax for a Homoeopath. There are three types in which this bacteria affects. 90% in coetaneous form (skin) 5% through inhalation and 5% through Gastro-entities and meningitis.

The affected skin ulcer that is seen after 5 to 7 days has black and burnt out appearance surrounded by a brawny edima, which is the typical symptoms of Homeopathic remedy being used since time immemorial, where simulating carbuncles, black or blue blisters, sloughing ulcers, small pox are also seen. The same can be prescribed to livestocks too.

For cases of inhalation, if bleeding and destruction (hemorrhage) of the respiratory or digestive tissues has resulted, these are ably managed by “CROTALUS HORRIDUS” a powerful anti bleeder in Homoeopathy, procured from the Rattle snake of North America.

Fever with fatigue can be ably managed by the medicine “PYROGENIUM.”

In case of outbreaks medicines must be purchased in sealed bottles from pharmacist since all the 2000 medicines look alike in Homoeopathy. This too after consulting a qualified doctor, preferably. The Government must ensure that enough stock is obtained from the right sources. The cost of these medicines range from 10 to 15 rupees per drachm, where public ought not to be cheated in crisis.