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Fifteen Lakh patients treated till date

Articles by Dr. B. T. Rudresh

1. Youth – a force for future

Youth make up about one third of the total population of our country. Two thirds of our population is rural based. It is indeed a challenge to make an inclusive growth with equity of share in the national resources.

2. Allergic Cold n’ Asthma.

Cold is common only to those who have a nose, which means that no individuals can claim that they have not fallen prey to bouts of cold and cough. Then there are those who have never stopped suffering from cold and cough.

3. The Anthrax Scare - A Homoeopathic Approach.

Anthrax infection has been observed since ages and the recent scare in America too need not worry the medical field in specific and the people in general as it has a definite prescribed remedy under Homoeopathy.

4. Back In The Limelight.

In the history of civilization, the invention of the wheel stands out to be at the very fountainhead of events that transformed man’s inert being to that of dynamism. This invention synonymous with movement has almost been taken for granted. So also is the instance of a man crawling in infancy to find the very strength of his feet. His efforts to stand on his own feet, in both meanings, stands out as the most important event in the walk of human evolution.

5. Homoeopathy – Sweet Pills For Children.

A parent in my clinic or in the clinic of any Homoeopath across the globe will be heard in conversation with another stating, “My child loves to have these medicines, as they are sweet and resemble small sugar balls.”

6. Diabolic Diabetes - The Bitter Sweet Story.

Clearly, this diabolic disease has crossed all the barriers of caste, creed, age, gender and all the parameters that the medical classics prescribed as its prospective patients.

7. Primary Sterility.

If my thoughts were confined only to changing a few lives or a few families, my journey would have been very short lived. A woman is incomplete in status and society unless she attains the divinity of mother hood.

8. Kidneys – The Homoeopathic Perspective.

The common man is well aware that the kidneys are bean shaped organs which process blood to filter out waste products and excess water. He is also aware that in an average adult the kidney filters around 170 liters of blood in 24 hours.

9. Cancer Does Not Have Me! – The Homoeopathic Perspective.

Before cancer can kill him, he would have been engulfed by the corollary fear of imminent death. The caution here is that a cancer inflicted man should possess a strong heart and not find himself in a condition where he succumbs to the dilemma rather than the disease.

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