Significant Contributions

Generating public awareness regarding Homoeopathy through the print, audio & the audio-visual media.

A day in the life of Dr. B. T. Rudresh goes beyond the basic service that he extends to his patients in his crusade to brighten the pores of life with the aid of the scientific system of Homoeopathy. For his professional interest advances well beyond his clinic as he has taken it upon himself to build awareness in the community regarding Homoeopathy.

He not only writes articles for publications in leading dailies and authors books but also presents seminars and lecture demonstrations and directs documentaries and appears in in-depth interviews that bring light to the hues of Homoeopathy to the layman, the expert and the professional at large. His efforts have evoked a unheard of awareness among people about Homoeopathy. His articles can be seen frequently in leading publications on a national platter like Deccan Herald, The Times of India, Indian Express, Prajavani, Taranga, Kasturi, Kannada Prabha, Samyuktha Karnataka etc. These articles go a long way in educating the common man about the range in reality that Homoeopathy offers to the common man. In the world of audio, his talks on the radio as a "Radio Doctor" have inspired countless listeners to embrace the effective science of Homoeopathy.

Another medium that Dr. B. T. Rudresh has effectively used to reach the masses was the audiovisual media. He has produced, directed and written the script for six documentaries that are eye openers that seek to provide rare insight into the system and structure of Homeopathic analysis. All of these five documentaries are available in Kannada and one of them “Hahnemann and Homoeopathy” has been conceptualized in English as well. This documentary telecast on Doordarshan was such a comprehensive one that it was repeatedly re-telecast another five times to ensure its reach to more and more who thirsted to understand the benefits of this cost-effective system of medicine.