Significant Contributions

Radical cure administered for an outburst of Dropsy during its outbreak in Delhi.

During 1999 the incidence of Dropsy reached, what seemed like, epidemic proportions in Delhi. The cases were telecast on the audiovisual media accompanied with statements that bore proof to a feeling of helplessness that had unceasingly set in, in the light of the fact that no definitive cure was known.

Dropsy is a disease caused by consumption of adulterated Mustard Oil that led to a certain kind of toxicity in the body, therefore manifesting symptoms that are left uncontrolled by even the automatic body immunization mechanism. The symptoms here include nausea and vomiting. If proper care is not administered in the treatment, the patient’s kidney fails, leading to inevitable death.

Having seen this on the air, Dr. B. T. Rudresh believed that another form of Mustard Oil called “Argemone Mexicana” was the answer to this, as he was sure that ‘What can cause can cure’ according to the well laid norms of the scientific system of Homoeopathy. He did not hesitate to offer his services to the Delhi Government.

On an invitation to Delhi by its state government, Dr. B. T. Rudresh rushed to Delhi in all haste, along with R. K. Manachanda (Assistant Director, Homoeopathy) and treated forty-three cases. Out of the forty-three, twenty-five showed marked improvement in a few days. It was concluded in a report to the Delhi Government that “Argemone Mexicana” was indeed most effective in curing Dropsy, as per the effective diagnosis of Dr. B. T. Rudresh, and anyone exhibiting the symptoms that were caused by the outbreak could avail of its benefits. However, this was to be done preferably under the supervision of Dr. B. T. Rudresh.