Articles by Dr. B. T. Rudresh

Homoeopathy – Sweet Pills for Children

A parent in my clinic or in the clinic of any Homoeopath across the globe will be heard in conversation with another stating, “My child loves to have these medicines, as they are sweet and resemble small sugar balls.”

It is foolish to analyze that this is the sole reason why Homoeopathy is still recognized as the most effective medicine for children. The quickness and readiness that Homeopathic medicines act with, when prescribed with accurate diagnosis, is the key note for its popularity.

It is true that most submit their children into the Homeopathic health fold believing rightly that it does not have side effects and is hence the best way to prevent one disease that is affecting the child and also prevent other diseases from erupting within the child while curing the earlier disease or channelizing the disease elsewhere in the body. This is by and far the most important reason that a parent will review before allowing for any system of medicine to take control of the child’s constitution.

As a physician, I too am cautioned against syndrome shift which we frequently encounter with children in day to day practice and is a sure cause for concern while dealing with any present day problem with children. Thankfully Homoeopathy does not allow for any such aberration.

Money, distance or any such trivial criteria is invisible when a parent is confronted with a child’s health. Homoeopathy recognizes the need to embrace the concern of a parent regarding his or her child’s health without stretching it to the extremes of apprehension.

Homoeopathy views the child in its entirety considering factors such as heredity, environment, that particular child’s individual reactive patterns and family environment and not singled out parts. Seemingly small and irrelevant aspects of the child’s behavior make way for immense diagnostic values.

Did the child go through all the normal milestones at the right times? Was the child’s growth delayed or precocious? His sleeping patterns since birth, viz., tossing and turning on the bed, thumb-sucking, plucking or hairs, grinding teeth, bed wetting, temper tantrums like breaking of own or other’s objects, his standing postures, knock-kneed or bow legged, open fontanallaes, pot bellied, thin withered look, single child syndrome, single parent syndrome, all these and many more are signs of particular aspects of a child’s growth that a Homoeopath concerns himself with, studying very carefully every single one of these above aspects and drawing institutionalized conclusions.

Like how a mighty oak springs from a small seed, these small yet significant white pills have a profound reason for prescription, every single one of these white pills are given with great caution and prepared in highly individualized patterns. Though they all look alike, each one is unique and are looked at with great respect by practicing Homoeopath.

In the same breath, like how it is impossible to bend a tree and any direction that the tree should take should be inculcated in it as a plant, thus Homoeopathy affords constitutional corrections that takes care of a child total health which would otherwise harm the child later as an adult.

Right from the very birth of a child Homoeopathy can be called to address the child’s health. Homoeopathy itself is a refined form of the theory of vaccinations where the cause is taken to provide fort a cure. Hence Homoeopathy does have prophylaxis against Measles, Mumps, Chicken Pox, Polio, jaundice, Typhoid, etc., where similar curative and preventive efforts are validated.

In spite of preventive modes, even if there occurs an outbreak of these above diseases, Homoeopathy can be used to treat the same safely and efficiently without leaving any bad effects of the disease which can cause problems in later stages like Mumps causing problems in the ovaries and testes at a later stage and consequently making them sterile.

Any parent sweats it out when his or her child has high fever. This fever itself is not a disease but it is an external manifestation of some internal disorder where the body is fighting against some unhealthy state affecting itself.

The parents here are paranoid due to the notion that all the high fever will directly result in convulsions if not contained. This is not true to a greater extent yet caution is to be taken in every aspect of a child’s growth.Homoeopathy effectively cures a fever by going through its various causes within 24 hours. By the way this fast acting Homeopathic remedy is a direct hit against the general misconception that Homoeopathy is slow in showing reaction.

Homoeopathy effectively cures a fever by going through its various causes within 24 hours. By the way this fast acting Homeopathic remedy is a direct hit against the general misconception that Homoeopathy is slow in showing reaction.

All these aspects that touch the depths of reason are merely for you and me. When I treat a child even today in my practice, it comes to me and requests Doctor Uncle to give those sweet sugar pills that it loves to take at every visit.