Significant Contributions

Treating 200 plus cases every day since 1981.

Dr. B. T. Rudresh interacts directly with an average of 150 to 200 patients from his clinic in Gandhibazar. He has even ensured the spreading of benefits to patients by his daily diagnosis, come rain or shine. To the tune of neglecting his personal life and with no regard for comfortable hours of work that give him much needed breathing time, he has immersed himself in the service of his patients.

He has forever encountered a lack of time but never the lack of will to afford vital treatment to all his patients. He shrinks from the very thought of neglecting his patients and makes himself available during any time of the day or night, as any duty conscious and dedicated doctor would have pledged himself to behave, to heal another person suffering from ill-health, be it from a common cold or cancer.

Assisted by twelve able and equally dedicated staff he treats nearly two hundred to two hundred and fifty patients from all walks of life, in any given day. The cost of the treatment is deliberately kept modest. No patient who comes to the clinic is turned away for want of monetary resources. The poor and the rich are treated alike in his Ashwini Homoeo Clinic on D. V. G Road.

Homoeopathy is sought for answers by the desperate and the poor alike. Needless to add, people who seek consultation are mostly ones who have not found salvation in other solutions or are those who simply cannot afford it. Dr. B. T. Rudresh has made it his life’s work to offer expert aid to people who are economically so burdened that they cannot even pay for health care.