Significant Contributions

A path breaking paper presented on “Homoeopathy in Cancer”.

In 1995, an international conference on Cancer conducted by the Vivekananda Yoga Kendra, included the participation of specialists in the field of Oncology in Bangalore.

In this conference, Dr. B. T. Rudresh sought to bring about an understanding in the medical community regarding the approach and an understanding of Homeopathic community in regard to the deadly disease through presentation of a paper on Homoeopathy and Cancer.

The root cause of a disease, in Homoeopathy, is tackled vigorously instead of attacking the affected parts. Medicines intelligently and selectively act at the sight of the diseased parts and give the individual his freedom. Medicines, which are supposed to cure the disease, are not to kill the other unaffected parts of the body. To catch a thief who is on a run in the city one cannot bomb the city – a simple logic translated into accuracy in Homoeopathy by Dr. B. T. Rudresh.

Diagnosis in Homeopathic terms is based on “symptoms” occurring earlier in comparison to a more conventional and modern medical practice. Cancer in this case can be prevented. Homoeopathy also offers medicines that can cure patients who have been diagnosed with cancer and are in the early stages of the disease. Although a cure may not be possible in the advanced cases, Dr. B. T. Rudresh states that this form of medical system offers a positive palliative not unlike the others.

Dr. B. T. Rudresh presented these views with the aid of ten cases. The Paper generated immense interest in the medical community all over the country.