Articles by Dr. B. T. Rudresh

Infertility - A Homeopathic Approach

Homoeopathy has furthered God’s own task of nurturing life by impregnating eluding life into the till then barren wombs of no less than 1600 women who were thirsting to taste motherhood through my consultations. The fact that Homoeopathy was resorted to as the last measure and yet accrued success rates unheard of, where the patients were subjected to counselling by a combination of science, logic, human values and medicine, along with the principles of Homoeopathy to regulate the intra personal relation between the spouses worked in a positive manner by begetting conception. Further, basic harmful effects of obesity, alcohol and tobacco indulgences, along with the need for the right sexual attitude, were also spoon fed to them.

In all, the results reinforced the faith held in the art and science of Homeopathic prescriptions.

Infertility A Brief Overview

Nature or God, to whom we give credit for the miracle of life has certainly been unfair to the fairer sex. Seen from any viewpoint, a lady’s woes begin at the womb and carry on till the tomb or beyond, be it medically, or due to the stringent societal structure or on the more fundamental note of economic dependence.

Inscrutable are the ways of a woman to man, this axiom unfortunately applies even to women who find it an impossible task to not only gauge anyone of her kind but even her own self.

In the absence of relevant data even the more common problems of women like excess menstrual bleeding, irregular menses, menses related abdominal pain, childlessness, hormonal imbalances, psychological disorders during menses, menopausal syndromes and the such will only be suppressed for a while by medication. They in turn bring on some other complaint that will require renewed treatment.

When a young girl approached a doctor with any of the above issues she is usually instructed that the aberrations is quite normal at her age and she will have to bear with the pain till her marriage, or childbirth, advocating some miraculous later cure.

The scientific system of Homoeopathy clearly advocates that immediate treatment for the cause of any aberration should be provided based on nature’s natural principles at the budding stage itself and this act will dissuade major problems like barrenness, PCOD (Polycystic Ovaries), fibroids, hormonal imbalances and the such erupting from dysmenorrhoea, excessive bleeding or continued irregular menses in future.

The following aberrations classified as normal are definitely not normal and raise a cause for concern, be they pain during menses, vomiting during pregnancy, excess or less menses, menopausal hot flushes, etc. Care is to be taken to get them treated right away lest they wrong you for a lifetime in the bargain.

In the name of progressiveness one can follow all the fancies of life but one is to be cautioned to pause and gauge for a minute if all the modern objects and ideologies follow nature’s natural principles, failing which they are all sure to be short-lived. This word of caution is writ large in history in every aspect of woman’s true development and sustained progress.

The ever growing population that is registering exponential growth is certainly a major problem haunting our country. In the same breath infertility is a glaring phenomena that is proving to be a shattering experience to many a couple. In the Indian social milieu, irrespective of the socio-economic strata of society that they belong to or the caste or creed they don the garb of, sterility is considered as a curse.

The psychological trauma and social discrimination which a woman has to undergo when unable to conceive is something which cannot be expressed in mere words.

In case of man too, the slight innuendoes and hurt he is subjected to, is very painful to say the least. During the past five seven years it has been my humble endeavour to solve infertility problems following the basic principles of Homoeopathy in my own way. Most of the cases have come to me after having been written off as impossible-to-bear after long drawn, sophisticated, expensive and mentally taxing tests were conducted.

The issue of infertility in most of the cases was solved in 3-6 months minus any painful or expensive tests or surgical treatments. In most of the cases, the age of the woman patient was around 25 to 35 years. There were also 3 cases where they have become mothers at the age of 37-40 and even 41. The treatment of infertility is not restricted to woman only. There are enough number of men who had a problem of both quality and quantity of sperms.