Articles by Dr. B. T. Rudresh

Primary Infertility

If my thoughts were confined only to changing a few lives or a few families, my journey would have been very short lived. A woman is incomplete in status and society unless she attains the divinity of mother hood.

A wife, daughter in law, sister, all the women playing these roles would rather that they be called a mother. Motherhood, in our society, is a boon, which prevents curses from accruing on them, the curse of bringing the progeny of the family to a grinding halt.

It has been seen and proved that children bring about ultra changes in any household, to the parent - giving them responsibility and eagerness to progress in bringing up his child in a better way, the elders - joy and excitement in seeing their family grow.

Mother hood brings on more social and family security to a woman, it gives her mental happiness and satisfaction to live amid the family environment, and in their old age they a have a secured feeling that they have their children to look after, more so whatever they have learnt in their life time, all their experiences of social and scientific fields, will not go waste but will be transferred to their own children.

Man lives through his poetry and progeny (Shakespeare) a woman can escape all the un-written social boycott by being a mother.

Homoeopathy is an easy and economical method for the common citizen of India, where one third of the population do not know where the next meal comes from, All the ultra modern treatment is a mirage to them.

Most of the cases I have dealt in the past two years were of those who had tried many methods of science and medicine to cure infertility, many have spent their hard earned earnings into medicine, most importantly many have passed through a stage of severe depression that arises from shame in the family and the peer groups. As a last resort they turned to Homoeopathy, surprisingly with the bare minimum spend (min Rs. 100/- Max Rs. 1500/-) they have become parents and are relieved of all tensions and pressures that arise in a household.

More commonly seen cases were polycystic ovarian diseases (P.C.O.D.) Bulky uterus, endometriosis, uterian fibroids, Oligospermia, Tubal blocks, repeated abortions. The other factors which hamper the conceptions were Obesity, Alcohol and Smoking.

It is my advise that within a year or two of marriage, if the couple do not conceive, to immediately consult rather than taking Homoeopathy as the last resort after 10 years of married life.

It is much more advisable girls to be married to keep a check on their menstrual cycle to be normal, if not to consult at that period only, so as to rectify any major problems that could arise after marriage