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Infertility - A Homoeopathic Approach

These ready made diagnosis and lab investigations could have made me give prescriptions that would have only added my name to the list of unsuccessful physicians she had encountered.

My clear dictate was that a traditional approach would prove inadequate as she had already witnessed that channel, thus giving it a lateral thought and going beyond physical anomalies and diagnostic measures, my treatment commenced. On beginning a ‘life space investigation’ as per homoeopathic norms, she was uncooperative initially, after much counseling; she gave the same with great reluctance.

Now the real case revealed itself, a traumatic childhood devoid of parental affection made her relish the simple pleasures that college life and a steady boy friend provided her with. For it was like a welcome breath of life to an otherwise meaningless existence that she had. She plunged in totality in seeking emotional and sexual bonding with her partner and a marriage to him was now a mere formality.

She got a seat in another town for her PG in medicine and after a year it was ‘out of sight, out of mind’ for this man who failed to reciprocate her long distance affections, she met him personally only to realize that he had moved on to many more girls. By this time she had another trustworthy friend in her new college and he accepted her whole heartedly after she bared her soul to him. This was the period when she approached me.

Her insecurities were such that she was unable to bond her wedded life by bearing a child. The pivotal position she was in of redeeming her love for her husband who had taken her without any qualms was weighing on her mind plus the fear of failure, as all the treatments had proved futile. At this point the centrality of the whole case, according to me, was revolving around ‘Insecurity’ ‘Kalicarb’, a prominent remedy for insecurity was my main ingredient, this is also a prescribed remedy for infertility. ‘Oophrinum’ that is a remedy that covers the physical anomalies of ovarian disorders was also prescribed with minor variants of other medicines, added with a major dose of regular and frequent counseling, which reaffirmed her self evaluation and boosted her to unburden herself to lead a better life.

Now she holds a baby boy aged five years and stands witness to the success of the basic norms of homoeopathy when applied in right measures. Even a difficult and unresolved case which pledged my knowledge in front of modern medicine and proved to be an acid test for the very norms of homoeopathy was another example among the 1600 odd cases of primary infertility that have been treated by me with supreme reverence to the basic principles of homoeopathy, which when applied sincerely and with right diagnosis, has yielded forgotten fruits.

Homoeopathy aims to treat the dynamic influence of the miasms, which are responsible for the predisposition of the allergies through the similar and dynamic medicines. Since the true self of the disease is the patient himself.

This study aims to:
  1. Assess the application of the homoeopathic approach to overcome infertility.
  2. Assess homoeopathic medicines prescribed for infertility
  3. Co-relate symptoms to the clinical condition of infertility
  4. Analyze the different problems involving conceiving of a child
  5. Analyze cases with their individual perspectives and solutions

Classifications of infertility:

For the common understanding the split analysis of the pathological causes are to be classified as follows: Male Infertility and Female Infertility.

In all the cases of male infertility to be recorded the categorization are azoospermia, oligospermia, asthenospermia, undescended testes, testicular atrophy and in cases of female infertility polycystic ovarian disease, uterine fibroids, tubal blocks, endometriosis, repeated abortions, unexplained infertility, hypoplastic uterus, hypo thyroidism, premature ovarian failure, secondary amenorrhoea and anovulatory cycles.

Approach and evaluation of infertility

Infertility implies apparent failure of a couple to conceive, for one or more reasons. If a couple fails to achieve pregnancy after one year of ‘unprotected’ and regular intercourse, it is an indication to investigate the couple. This is based on the observation that 80% of normal couples achieve conception within a year. Infertility is termed primary if conception fails to conceive after having achieved a previous conception.

Conception is the result of successful fertilization of the female egg by the sperm. Hence the couple should be counseled individually and then together because both partners contribute varying to the occurrence of the infertile state.

Issues involved :

The major goals involved in the investigation of the infertile couple are :

  • Identification and correction of causes contributing to the infertile state.
  • Providing accurate information, education and counseling to both the partners.
  • Providing counseling about alternatives if pregnancy is unlikely or not possible.

Theoretical Considerations: During the initial counseling session with the couple it is important to explain to both the partners in simple language the process of reproduction with the help of charts and models. It is not uncommon to find faulty functions in both partners, often overlapping causes exist and hence the need to concurrently evaluate and treat both the partners arises.

It is incorrect to apportion the blame to any one partner, as this fosters the feeling of poor self-esteem, which works as a psychological handicap.

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