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Cases of Infertility

The study was conducted in the form of clinical trials using the listed homoeopathic medicines on the basis of parameters set for each of the medicine. The subjects for the clinical trials were selected from my practice at Ashwini Homoeo Clinic, D V G Road, Bangalore 4. The consent for the study for the subjects was obtained from the participants. The subjects for the clinical trials were selected on the diagnostic criteria and the inclusion / exclusion criteria as listed below.

Diagnostic criteria:
  • Inability to conceive even after two plus years of married life.
  • Physical abnormalities like PCOD, repeated abortions, tubal blocks, uterine fibroids and azoospermia and the such.
  • Clinical examination of Infertility (findings)

Inclusion criteria:
  • Married people in the age group 18 to menopause
  • Couples who are married for two years and living together with right sexual attitudes and without progeny.
  • Both male and male subjects were treated

Exclusion criteria :
  • Subjects who were in the stage of menopause
  • Subjects having any other constitutional illness (HIV)
  • Subjects having complications (congenital anamolies)

The study consisted of 30 married couples diagnosed as having Infertility as per the diagnostic criteria shown above. The study was conducted over a period of 9 months from January 2005 to November 2005.

The age group of the subjects was 18-48 years. The mean age is 35 yrs. Case taking was done with special emphasis on the following features.

Presenting Complaints: The presenting complaints in the form complete symptoms having locations, sensation, modalities, concomitants and causations were noted during the history taking and were confirmed in the clinical examination.

Generalities: The General features of the subjects including the physical make up, the mental expressions, physical generals etc., were considered for discrimination of the Similimum and also for selection of the possible constitutional medicine.

Family History:The list of diseases expressed in the family from both the paternal and maternal side were noted for the selection of intercurrent / miasmatic prescription.

Laboratory Investigations:Necessary laboratory investigations like ultra sound scanning, hormonal assay and sperm analysis were investigated in the cases.

Case Processing:The cases were processed for interpretation and prescription in the following manner.

Analysis of Symptoms: After the case recording the symptoms were first classified as mentals, physical generals, complete symptoms or common symptoms. They were later analyzed as common and uncommon symptoms based on the diagnostic criteria. Depending on the importance of the common symptoms they were also considered for prescription in some cases. Selection of the medicine was made by referring Kent’s Reportary.

Further discrimination of the Similimum was made by considering the miasmatic nature of the disease and this was confirmed by referring Materia Medica to the exact similarity of the medicine.

he selection of potency and repetition of dose was made on the basis of susceptibility of the subject, chronicity of the disease, phase of the disease, nature of the medicine, etc.

Follow Up: The follow up was made at regular intervals of 15 days after the first prescription and 30 days subsequently.

Parameters for Assessment: The following parameters were followed according to the type of the response obtained after the treatment.

Recovered: Feeling of mental and physical well-being with the patient (or the patient’s wife in case of males) conceiving.

Improved: feeling of physical and mental well-being with a possibility of conception in the days to come.

Not Improved: No relief from the symptoms and the signs being suffered from even after a significant and sufficient period of treatment and time and an inability to conceive prevailing still.

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