Articles by Dr. B. T. Rudresh

Diabolic Diabetes - The Bitter Sweet Story

Cut to a movie scene. “Arre hume to diabeteeess hain! Yeh pede zara door hi rakhkho!’ No difficulty in recognizing that this was clearly the rich man’s disease, that too the successful ones with their family flocking around them in full swing.

This flashback escapes today’s reality. Now those with a dozen dimes passively withstand the presence of sweets with, “Illa, nanage beda… doctor heliddaare, Dibetis anthe!”

Myth : Only the rich get Diabetes
Reality : We all are susceptible to it.

Clearly, this diabolic disease has crossed all the barriers of caste, creed, age, gender and all the parameters that the medical classics prescribed as its prospective patients.


Extreme greed, excessive indulgence, unethical lifestyles and unhealthy lust for gastronomical delights breed imbalance that is penalized by nature in the form of diabetes.

Cognizable symptoms?

Urination, thirst and hunger in excess and increased frequencies. Loss of weight and non-healing ulcers, impotence, and itching in genitals. Fasting blood sugar going above 128 mg/dl upto 200mg two hours after food. The presence of all these will ensure that doctors world over would acknowledge the presence of diabetes. Ahem… Do give leeway for a few exceptions.

Cure & control?

Diabetes is not your partner for life. Innumerable cases of successful cure for Diabetes has passed my table, all thanks to the scientific approach of Homoeopathy.

If reported in the early stages (within 2 years) complete cure is assured. If they flow in as a last resort after diabetes has been driven into their system by their negligence then the symptoms can seek a control.

Homoeopathy treats not the disease per se (Diabetes) but deals with the individual in entirety considering the mind, body, or intellectual aberrations to root out the disease from the root.

Till then…
…lead a life that maintains harmony with family, work spot, society and most importantly nature. Do also provide the deserved respect to a value based lifestyles.