Articles by Dr. B. T. Rudresh

Kidneys – The Homeopathic Perspective

The common man is well aware that the kidneys are bean shaped organs which process blood to filter out waste products and excess water. He is also aware that in an average adult the kidney filters around 170 liters of blood in 24 hours.

What he needs to be reminded about is that any problem in the kidney will show itself as symptoms after the internal damage done is extensive. Hence all doctors strongly adhere to the norm of prevention rather then walk the risk of cure with respect to kidneys.

Kidneys, skin, lungs, salivary glands, gastro-intestinal tracts are the main channels through which excretion in the human body takes place.

The kidneys process most of the soluble, non-irritant solid substances and water, more specifically they excrete nitrogenous and sulphur containing end products of protein metabolism. The kidneys are also responsible for maintaining blood pressure, water volume of blood content and they eliminate drugs and other toxins in the body.

Acute renal failures are known to occur in ICU’s of hospitals and in overdose of drugs like high dosage of antibiotics, painkillers and immuno-suppresents. Chronic renal failures are due to unsuccessful treatment of high BP, infection, diabetes, and the such.

Nephrotic syndrome in children characterized by excess proteins in urine, less album in the body resulting in swelling in legs and face.

The myth that renal failure is incurable and is a sure road to death remains just that – a myth! Expensive renal transplant or dialysis are not the only known solutions to Homoeopathy.

The psycho dynamics of the kidneys when seen in co-relation to life is that the kidneys are akin to our partners in progress. When left uncared for, as a loyal partner too would turn face, the kidneys directly suffer our neglect and without

Homoeopathy acknowledges that the problematic kidneys have to be addressed but it also maintains the larger perspective that the kidneys belong to an individual and that individual has to be treated in his entirety to obtain optimum results. Thus the kidneys are the final recipients of the treatment but each individual’s kidneys will have to be treated differently.

Though all kidneys might have definite common actions and functions, the kidneys in each individual might have different afflicting causes and have, therefore, different remedies. This is the basic tenet of the science of Homoeopathy.

The live wire instances cited below not only shows the efficacy of Homoeopathy but also underlines the need to provide cost effective and long-term relief to the suffering individual with as little mental, financial and emotional burden as possible.

Mr. B, aged 42 approached me on January 1st 1997 with a readymade diagnosis of chronic Glomerulo Nephritis. He was already on dialysis every third day and his creatinine level on the first visit was 10.4 grams and Blood Urea was 216 mg. And was further advised to undergo kidney transplantation. Leading hospitals advised him to hold 1.5 lakhs for immediate transplantation and 5 to 6 thousand every month as postoperative expenses till he breathed his last.

Mr. B was an ordinary clerk in a government hospital and could only hope for a miracle in such a situation

The commonly observed signs and symptoms of chronic renal failure were insufficient to prescribe a remedial medicine in Homoeopathy for this particular case, hence as a faithful; practitioner of Homoeopathy I probed into the evidential cause and course of the sickness that he reluctantly gave.

The personal profile of the patient revealed a lack of parental love during his childhood. His bad economic status, perennial struggle to fulfill his basic needs and education. Thus sank his self-esteem due to the emotional bankruptcy.

He got married soon after he got into a government job hopeful of receiving the affection that he had missed out and craved for since childhood. This backfired when his nagging wife was hell bent on squeezing the very life out of him to meet her materialistic pleasures. His only solace was his little daughter who he cared a lot for in this entire melee.

In this backdrop his wife deserted him and filed a case of dowry harassment, which took away the basic self-esteem that his conservative background could not come in terms with. This sent his emotions and his physical health crashing down.

His personality type was that of being an introvert, hard working, sensitive, attached man who was prone to developing hatred if condemned. The fine balance between emotion and intellect is disturbed in Nat. Mur. Personalities.

Resentment, suppressed anger, over sensitive emotions, loneliness and isolation, loss of self respect and self condemnation, dejection and sadness are all absorbed, retained, condensed and crystallized to form a grain of salt.

Prescribing two courses of Nat. Mur. Put him off from dialysis. A year after treatment his creatinine level plunged to 1.4 mg. from 10.4 mg. in the beginning and his Blood Urea was 60 mg. from 216 mg.

The diagnosis was the turning point in this case. On deep thought I realized that for Mr. B, like other Nat. Mur. who show superficial independent character but run the undercurrent of dependency, hence he began considering dialysis as his life partner, in the absence of his wife.

This is a classical case that shows the relevance of holding sacred the mind body and intellect equation to solve a problem that shows itself in the weakest link in this chain, namely the kidneys here.

There are other purely pathological cases like acute Nephritis, chronic renal failures, Nephrotic syndromes, stones in the kidneys, bladder disorders, prostratic and urethral disorders that can be effectively given a remedy to, depending upon the nuances of that particular individual case.

In all, Homeopathic remedies are not only effective in treating the deadliest of disorders but they do it in a safe and cost effective manner, understanding the ethos of the majority of the world populace who live on the edges of the poverty line.