Dr. B. T. Rudresh is of the firm belief that when the one third of the population in India have all their energies bound to the fight to get one meal a day and another one - third is still struggling below the poverty line – hoping to derive enough sustenance to last another day. In the face of this harsh reality where is the question of providing them with high-tech and ultra modern facilities.

Ashwini Homoeo Clinic in D. V. G. Road, Bangalore is the venue for the selfless service that Dr. Rudresh imparts in the form of cost-effective and essential medical aid to all those who walk in. Providing service to a vast cross section of the society. Here Dr. B. T. Rudresh’s approach has emphasis drawn on treating the individual more than the disease according to the well-laid norms of Homoeopathy.

Dr. Rudresh asserts that the need to first indulge in infusing confidence in the patient, then counseling the patient on the attitude of good health and finally drawing the attention of the patient to maintaining good health rather than rushing for remedial measures has proven to hold exponential benefits to the multitude who throng to Ashwini Homoeo Clinic to seek it.

Patients who have been frequenting his clinic since the past four decades range from a cross section of society that scans through princes and paupers and the masses in between. A welcome relief is provided here to those from the economically deprived and economically weaker communities who are not denied hope from the benefits of the scientific and cost effective approach of Homoeopathy in the hands of Dr. B. T. Rudresh.

Determined to make a difference, Dr. Rudresh shares his every knowledge with the masses. He has taken upon himself to extend his unique ability of a holistic analytical scrutiny and his encyclopedic knowledge regarding practices of Homoeopathy not only to the Medical fraternity but also to the common man.

He crusades for the cause of Homoeopathy through the print, audio and audiovisual media alike to strengthen the burning embers of Homoeopathy that hold the sprit to rekindle the very breath of life in the suffering masses.

Not a person to tire easily, Dr. B. T. Rudresh has taken upon himself the arduous task of reaching out those who come to him with the foremost or ultimate hope. His ability to unburden himself from the countless biases and the innumerable strain and stress that the wave of 250 patients can otherwise cause is unmatched.

To be able to treat the first patient to the very last patient everyday with patience and sincerity is what ensures that patients wait for one to two months to obtain an audience with Dr B. T. Rudresh willingly, a number that only shows signs of ebbing in the days to come.